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What is lost wax casting?

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       Lost Wax Precision Casting Basically, precision casting of processing methods. The application of precision casting to the mass production of jewellery is a hallmark of modern jewellery manufacturing. Lost wax castings made of gemstones can meet the needs of large-scale production and play an important role in the production of jewelry, as they can change style or variety. Casting wax casting methods include vacuum casting, centrifugal casting, vacuum die casting and vacuum centrifugal casting, which are the main production methods in the jewelry manufacturing industry.  

        Lost wax precision casting process: specifically, the silicone mold vulcanizes the raw material silica under heat and pressure, and after molding in a specific order, it is pressed by the original mode prepared in the (usual version), and the sharp blade is cut, thereby obtaining The hollow plastic wax removed from the plate is removed after the steel sleeve is infused, and the liquid blown wax in the wax tree is solidified and the wax is removed after forming the plastic mold wax opening, so that the gypsum is evacuated and naturally solidified in the temperature-regulating gypsum slurry. After a mild drying period, the metal (positive or negative cooling to the principle that can be used for die casting) casts molten metal casting After frying cold water washing, acid washing after the casting blank is washed after removing roll, if they are die cut insert and the finishing process. Refers to the internal pressure of the mold during casting of the above positive and negative casting conditions. Because atmospheric pressure - centrifugal casting of liquid metal 坩埚 centrifugal casting pressure casting, the pressure inside the molten metal during mold atmospheric casting, as shown in the figure made the mold to overcome the normal "radial" of the molten metal "die casting" in the mold Yes - in the molten metal, when the internal pressure of the mold is greater than the external mold pressure at the moment of inputting the mold cavity at the high-speed rotation of the disk, the difference between the two is greater than zero. Typical vacuum casting "vacuum casting" means In the process of a class="{$$1$$}"> lost wax precision casting, the pressure inside the mold is lower than the external pressure due to the difference between the two. The vacuum pump that communicates with the mold should be made of liquid metal, called the process, under pressure.


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