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The difference between medium temperature wax casting and low temperature wax casting

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      ;  Medium-temperature wax casting medium-temperature wax and auxiliary materials low-temperature wax and common medium-temperature wax sol-shell technology, water glass shell technology is often used for casting! Shrinking medium temperature wax is less than mild and warm wax paste because it contains water vapor. What is the performance difference between the two?

       Materials: Rojine Casting Medium Temperature Wax Casting Physical Properties - High casting surfaces and wax-based mold materials use typical stainless steel high alloy steel products in molding materials, typically 70 to 100 ° C, dewaxed with steam or microwave ovens. Wax can be reused. Low Temperature Wax and Silica Sol Shell Crystal Xuwei Pro Support Storage Folder is a water glass shell technology that has Roh local routing process and medium temperature wax for general water. Medium temperature wax casting due to shrinkage rate in low temperature is lower than water content in warm wax paste. The medium temperature wax is stable and warm wax, which is lower than the expensive price. Treatment of medium temperature wax The same wax medium temperature wax dehydration refill treatment low temperature wax-free reaction treatment to remove saponification.

       Medium temperature wax casting precision casting combined with silica sol blowing process, low temperature wax Usually compatible with the water glass bombardment process. It has small line shrinkage and simple equipment. Medium temperature model wax treatment, medium temperature wax casting and other heat treatment industry forums are dehydrating and refining treatment, and low temperature wax is reacting to remove saponification treatment. Compared with traditional ceramic casting, it simplifies the batch process, saves materials such as alcohol, and reduces production costs. In addition, the warm wax in the mold material containing the polymeric organic material should be completely burned out and should be at a temperature of at least 670.

       As the propagation loss wax temperature, and the temperature is determined by the complexity of the conventional cast structure, usually between 4 and 8 h. Considering the type of alloy and the effect of the shell type on the line shrinkage, the actual casting size can be determined and the size of the wax pattern can be varied to obtain a suitable wax pattern and casting. In general, the low warm wax is paraffin wax which softens at a melt temperature of about 60 degrees and is a mixture of paraffin and stearic acid.


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