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How to use silica sol precision casting

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      ;  Silver Sol Precision Casting Castings obtained by precision casting casting methods. Commonly used for investment casting, also known as lost wax casting. Parts cast by this silica sol precision casting method are not processed or can be used with a small amount of processing.

       Manufacture: The design and processing of the profile according to the requirements of the part drawing, steel or other materials for the profiled material. 2. Investment molding, in which a paste-like molding material is injected into a molding to form an investment mold. 3. Module assembly: A number of logic ends are welded to a wax stick (ie, a casting system) made of wax material to form a module. 4. Shell manufacturing: The surface of the watch module is coated with a refractory coating cup, sprinkled with a layer of refractory material (usually quartz sand or bauxite, etc.), and then placed in a hardener to harden the coating. This is repeated several times to form a hard shell of 8-10 mm on the surface of the module. 5. Loss of investment (dewaxing): The module that completes the shell is placed in a hot water tank or other heat container, and the mold material is completely melted to form a hollow shell. 6. Shell roasting: The shell is placed in a heating furnace for roasting. 7. Burning: The molten metal is poured into the shell. 8. Shelling and cleaning of silica sol precision casting manufacturing process.

       Solid sol precision casting is mainly used as a binder for precision casting coatings and can be used as a top coat and reinforcement coating for shells. The use of small particle silica sols in precision casting instead of ethyl silicate not only reduces costs, but also improves working conditions. When used for thin shell precision casting, it can make the shell type high in strength, high in dimensional accuracy, good in smoothness of castings, good in quality than water glass, and cheaper than ethyl silicate. For large castings, castings with high surface finish requirements and castings requiring no or little margin are particularly suitable.



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