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Features of stainless steel precision casting

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      Stainless steel precision casting is also known as investment casting. Stainless steel precision casting has been developed in modern times. Stainless steel precision casting has a high melting point, molten steel has poor fluidity, and molten steel is easily oxidized. Stainless steel precision casting is not only suitable for various types, but also suitable for casting of various alloys. It can cast complex castings of various alloys, especially for casting high temperature alloy castings.

       Stainless steel precision casting processing features: 1. Due to the shrinkage of stainless steel precision castings Exceeding cast iron, in order to prevent the shrinkage of the casting and Shrinkage defects, most of the casting process using the riser, chills and subsidies to achieve solidification. In order to prevent shrinkage, shrinkage, void and crack defects of stainless steel castings, uniform wall thickness should be avoided, and acute angle and right angle structures should be avoided. Sawdust should be added to the molding sand, and coke should be added to the core. Core and oil sand core to improve the repellent and breathability of sand or core.

       due to poor molten steel In order to prevent the cold separation and casting of stainless steel casting, the wall thickness of steel castings should not be less than 8 mm; dry casting or hot casting; suitable for improving pouring Temperature, generally between 1520 ° and 1600 ° C, molten steel has a high degree of superheat and a long liquid retention time, and can improve fluidity. However, if the casting temperature is too high, defects such as coarse grains, hot cracks, pores and sand may occur. Therefore, precision castings of small, thin-walled and complex shapes usually have a casting temperature of about +150 ° C for steel; the casting system has a simple structure and a cross-sectional dimension larger than that of cast iron; the casting temperature of large and thick-walled castings is about 100° higher than the melting point. C.


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