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What should I pay attention to in carbon steel precision casting?

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     ;   Carbon Steel Precision Casting Features of the process: 1. Since the shrinkage of carbon steel precision castings greatly exceeds the shrinkage of cast iron, in order to prevent castings Shrinkage and shrinkage defects, most casting processes use risers, cold irons and subsidies to achieve sequential solidification. 2. Due to the poor fluidity of molten steel, in order to prevent cold separation and casting of steel castings, the wall thickness of steel castings should not be less than 8 mm; dry casting or hot casting. Properly increase the pouring temperature, generally between 1520 ° ~ 1600 ° C, due to the high pouring temperature, molten steel has a high degree of superheat, keep liquid for a long time, and can improve fluidity.

       Carbon steel precision casting It is called investment casting precision casting or precision casting. This is a casting process with less or no cutting. It is an excellent process technology in the foundry industry. Then what should I pay attention to is carbon steel precision casting?

       Carbon steel precision casting whitening, in addition to the measures taken in the process, the wall thickness can not be too thin (some data indicate that when the wall thickness is above 15mm The corner metal type of the casting must be rounded. 2. Due to the incompatibility between the metal type and the core, the casting pitch of the carbon steel precision casting should be larger than the casting pitch of the sand casting, especially for the 30%-50%, so as to be dismantled. 3. The thickness of the inner wall and inner rib of the carbon steel precision casting casting should generally be 0.6-0.7 of the thickness of the connecting outer wall. Otherwise, the inner wall (rib) will be cold, and when the casting shrinks, the inner and outer walls Cracks will occur at the intersection. 4. Due to the rapid heat dissipation of the metal type, the minimum wall thickness of the stainless steel casting should be greater than the thickness of the sand. Riveting casting, and the minimum wall thickness of various casting alloys and castings of different sizes.


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