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The advantages of lost wax precision casting

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       Lost Wax Precision Casting, now known as investment precision casting, is a precision casting process with little or no cutting. It is an excellent process technology in the precision casting industry and is widely used.

       lost wax precision casting It is a precision casting process. Its size and shape are stable during the casting process and do not cause deformation or deformation. The surface of the lost wax precision casting always produces a rough surface formed of fine sand particles which does not satisfy the surface roughness value Ra3.2 of the pattern. The 0.5mm precision car balance guarantees the machining requirements of each machined surface roughness and provides sufficient machining allowance for each machined surface. The casting of the 65Nn material was annealed prior to the mechanical cutting process, and there was no case where the cutting was not performed due to the hardening of the surface layer. The 8-φ10mm hole and keyway die design is negligible, mainly based on the manufacturing cost of the mold and the difficulty of manufacturing the mold and the price compared to the processing.

       lost wax precision casting The biggest advantage is that due to the high dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the castings, the machining can be reduced, but the parts only require a small amount of machining allowance, or even only some castings. Grinding and polishing allowances are available without machining. Another advantage of the lost wax precision casting method is its ability to accurately cast complex castings of various alloys, especially for precision casting of high temperature alloy castings. For example, the blades of a jet engine, its streamlined profile and cooling cavity can hardly be formed by machining. The use of lost wax precision casting process not only enables mass production, but also ensures the consistency of the castings and avoids stress concentration of the residual tools after machining.


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