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How to safely use valve fittings

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   ;     Valve fittings in valve fittings are usually associated with valve stems mounted on the stem. The above loading mechanism of the flap can adjust the loading size.

       Valve fittings The pressure of the media flap force within a particular working pressure range is the effect of the smaller applied force on the valve than the force applied to the device. The media in the device is a flap valve seat that is pressed to form a sealing force. The difference between the sheets between them is that they cannot be released.

        When the device is at a predetermined pressure much lower than the force piece applied to the load flap, it reaches its means to open the safety valve, and the inner top flap problem of the valve's power capacity acts on the valve opening pressure than the safety. In the case of a discharge device, that is to say, a discharge medium is passed through the valve seat, in which the pressure is gradually reduced and passed through the exhaust gas after a short time, that is, at a pressure drop back to the normal working pressure.

        Continue to apply pressure 0x7D0 power, which means less than the power applied to the load, and 0x7D0 to maintain the force of the pressure, the discharge medium is the valve seat that stops the device from operating the normal operating pressure.

      1. Why double seal valve Cannot be used as a shutoff valve.

       Constructed to make the user Benefiting from the pressure balance of the spool, as well as the greater force, the disadvantage is that the two protruding sealing surfaces are in contact, preferably not, causing significant leakage. There are many improvements, such as double seal sleeve valves, if used to artificially and forcibly block opportunities, but it is certainly ineffective.

       Second, why double The seat valve is susceptible to vibration when working in a small hole.

       The valve has poor stability and the medium flow valve is stable to single valve stability. Small opening closure valve spool has two double seat valve spools to close the flow valve spool and a flow spool to facilitate spool flow, which causes the double seat valve to vibrate. Not suitable for small valve opening operations.

       Performance differences, try to prevent the performance of the stroke valve, what is a straight line of the rotary valve,

       Valve Pipe Casting The linear vertical stroke medium of the throttle spool in the product must be turned back to the valve (reverse S-shape) and a rather complicated flow path. In order to reach the level of the public flow of the outflow valve. Therefore, there are many blind spots that provide space for long-term blockage of the media. The direction of rotation of the throttle valve is easy to clean. The horizontal direction is the flow of the medium to the horizontal plane. The flow rate is a small space for the flow path to be settled by the medium, and at the same time trying to prevent the performance of the rotary valve, regardless of the medium>


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