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Corrosion Resistant Precision Casting
Corrosion Resistant Precision Casting

       Corrosion-resistant precision casting Processing characteristics:
       1, corrosion-resistant precision casting mainly uses riser and cold iron in the casting process. Subsidies and other measures to achieve sequential solidification. In order to prevent shrinkage, shrinkage, void and crack defects of corrosion-resistant precision casting, the wall thickness should be uniform, avoid sharp corners and right angle structures, and add to the molding sand. Sawdust, coke is added to the core, and the hollow core and oil sand core are used to improve the shrinkability and gas permeability of the sand or core.
       2, due to poor fluidity of molten steel, in order to prevent cold separation and casting of steel castings, the wall thickness of steel castings should not be less than 8mm; dry casting or hot casting; suitable In order to increase the pouring temperature, generally between 1520 ° and 1600 ° C, due to the high pouring temperature, the molten steel has a high degree of overheating, remains liquid for a long time, and the fluidity can be improved. However, if the casting temperature is too high, defects such as coarse grains, hot cracks, pores and sand may occur. Therefore, precision castings of small, thin-walled and complex shapes usually have a casting temperature of about +150 ° C for steel; the casting system has a simple structure and a cross-sectional dimension larger than that of cast iron; the casting temperature of large and thick-walled castings is about 100° higher than the melting point. C.

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