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Solar Sol Precision Casting
Solar Sol Precision Casting

         solar sol castingNot only for all types, various alloys Casting The accuracy of the castings produced by this technical process and the quality of the surface are much higher than other casting methods, and even castings that are difficult to cast by other casting methods are difficult to process and high temperature resistant.
      If we want to produce a product with a simple shape, and If the size is not too large, for products with high dimensional accuracy, we can first select the silica sol precision casting profile or cast carbon steel. The advantage of using a steel mold is that the material is cheap, and the disadvantage is that the mold is relatively bulky and has certain requirements for the processing knife.

        is more laborious for some manual operations. If the shape is complicated, the precision is high, and the product size is large, it can be considered to use the silica sol precision casting. Compared with the steel mold, the aluminum mold has the advantages of lighter quality and less demanding tools for processing the mold. Of course, the cost of the material is slightly higher.

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