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Furn casting precision casting
Furn casting precision casting

       Furn casting precision casting process refers to a model made of wax coated with a layer of refractory material such as clay, heated to melt and flow the wax to obtain an empty shell formed of refractory material, and then melt the metal and Pour it into the empty shell. After the metal is cooled, the refractory material is crushed to obtain a metal mold.
       Because of the complex casting process, there are many factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of the casting. For example, the shrinkage of the molding material, the deformation of the investment mold, the change in the amount of the shell during heating and cooling, the shrinkage of the alloy, and the deformation of the casting during the solidification process, etc., so the ordinary dimensional accuracy investment casting is high. However, there is still a need to improve consistency. The biggest advantage of investment casting is that because of the high dimensional accuracy and surface finish of investment casting, it can reduce the machining work, but only a small amount of machining allowance is required on the part. These castings need only be polished and polished and can be used without machining. It can be seen that the investment casting method can save a lot of machine tool equipment and processing man-hours, and greatly save metal materials. Another advantage of the investment casting method is that it can cast complex castings of various alloys, especially for casting superalloy castings. For example, the blades of a jet engine, its streamlined profile and cooling cavity can hardly be formed by machining. Furn casting precision casting process not only enables mass production, but also ensures the consistency of the castings and avoids the stress concentration of the residual tools after machining.

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