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carbon steel precision casting
carbon steel precision casting

    carbon steel precision castingA lot of applications in our work life, but about Carbon steel precision casting , how much do you know?
   1, according to the total amount of alloying elements, carbon steel precision casting can be divided into two low alloy steel castings and high alloy steel castings .

  Low-alloy cast steel castings, China mainly uses manganese, manganese silicon and chromium, such as ZG40Mn, ZG30MnSi1, ZG30Cr1MnSi1 and so on. Used to make parts such as gears, hydraulic press cylinders and turbine rotors, and ZG40Cr1 is commonly used to manufacture high-strength gears and high-strength shafts.
  3, high alloy cast steel castings, with special properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance or corrosion resistance, such as high manganese steel ZGMn13, is an anti-wear steel Mainly used in manufacturing dry grinding Parts used under working conditions, such as the front wall of grabs and grab teeth of tractors, crawlers of tractors and tanks, etc.; chrome-nickel stainless steel ZG1Cr18Ni9 and chrome stainless steels ZG1Cr13 and ZGCr28, etc., have high corrosion resistance to nitric acid, mainly used For the manufacture of parts for chemical, petroleum, chemical fiber and food equipment.

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