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alloy casting
alloy casting

       There are many foundry industries in the industry, but different The foundry industry has its own different casting methods. The production of alloy casting is used in many new energy vehicles. After all, with the development of our environment and the improvement of the level of science and technology, we have taken a higher level of environmental protection, but what should we pay attention to in alloy casting production?
       Alloy Casting Note
       In the production of alloy casting, the mold is the process Prerequisites for smooth progress play an important role in ensuring the quality of alloy castings. From the characteristics of alloy casting production process, in order to obtain high quality alloy castings, the correct choice of process parameters is the decisive factor. In short, the correct selection and adjustment of process parameters and mold design is a comprehensive reflection of various factors in the production of alloy castings.
       If the alloy casting structure is properly designed, many problems can be avoided in actual production, thus reducing The rate of failure of alloy castings. On the contrary, if the mold design is not reasonable, the quality of the alloy casting products produced will not be good.

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