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Stainless steel casting
Stainless steel casting

       stainless steel casting is mainly formed by liquid metal cooling and solidification. In the casting production process, if the casting process is not mastered, it will lead to the quality of the casting, affecting the performance of the casting and the service life of the casting. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of two aspects in the casting manufacturing process. (1) Formation and control of crystallization and solidification structure of stainless steel casting, structure of liquid metal, formation and growth of crystal nucleus, grain size, direction and shape The solidification structure of the casting is closely related to the casting. Physical and mechanical properties have a major impact. The purpose of controlling the solidification structure of the casting is to obtain the desired structure. In order to control the solidification structure, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive understanding and in-depth study of its formation mechanism, formation process and influencing factors. Currently, methods for effectively controlling tissue have been established, such as deterioration, pregnancy, dynamic formation, sequential coagulation, and rapid coagulation.
      (2)Stainless steel casting dimensional accuracy and surface roughness control in modern manufacturing, casting Accuracy and quality requirements are increasing, and the near net shape forming technology of castings has changed the tradition that castings can only provide blanks. The concept is to reduce material consumption, energy consumption and labor consumption, and to improve the internal and external quality of the product, and to strive for market and high efficiency. However, the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of castings are affected and limited by many factors, and control is very difficult. Castings are liquid-formed and have unique advantages in achieving near-net shapes. In terms of structure, the inner cavity and shape of the casting are once formed by casting, so that they are close to the final shape of the part, thereby minimizing the processing and assembly process; in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface quality, the casting can approach the final requirements of the product and can be realized The remaining amount or small margin; on the other hand, the original surface of the retained casting is advantageous to maintain the corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance of the casting. Thereby improving product life.

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