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Hardware and Plumbing Casting
Hardware and Plumbing Casting

       Hardware Plumbing Casting<>Can do a lot of plumbing, what can be done by general hardware plumbing casting:

       1. External connector: also known as sleeve, direct head. With internal thread, generally connect two pipes with the same nominal diameter, or externally threaded fittings and valves. It is the most used type of connector. The outer joint has two kinds of wire and wire. The outer joint of the wire is generally made of a conical pipe thread or a cylindrical pipe thread; the outer joint of the wire can only be a cylindrical pipe thread.

       2. Reducing outer joint: also known as reducer sleeve, size head. Pipe with internal thread but different nominal diameters at both ends.

       3. Union: Also known as connecting nut, live screw. It consists of two joints and a sealing surface. The sealing surface is located between the two joints and connects the two joints, which makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the joints during maintenance. A 2mm thick rubber or rubber asbestos flat washer is placed between the planes where the two joints are in contact to ensure pipe tightness.

       4.45° elbow: also known as straight bend, half bend. It is used to connect two pipes with the same nominal diameter or externally threaded fittings and valves, and make the pipeline turn 45°.

       5.External Moon Bend: Also known as the outer wire moon bend, moon bend. The use is similar to the elbow. Its arc radius is large. Mainly used on pipelines that require a large bending radius. The outer moon bend is externally threaded and must be used with the outer joint when connecting to the pipe.

       6. Reducing Tee: Use is similar to Tee. However, the nominal diameters of the three ends are not all the same or different, and one end for connecting the branch pipe may be perpendicular to the straight pipe end or at an angle of 45° to the straight pipe end.

       7. Stone: Also known as cross connector, four-way day, four-fork. Used for the connection between the main line and the side branch lines. The four links have the same diameter and different diameters. Mainly used for conveying gas pipelines, making the pipelines into cross-shaped branches. The application range is smaller than the three links. ?

       8. Lock nut: also known as locknut, hex clip. The lock nut has a cylindrical pipe thread, which is mainly used for locking. ?

       9. Hexagonal joint: also known as hexagonal external thread, outer wire hoop, inner pipe. Its central part is made of a convex hexagon for tightening during installation. External threads at both ends are used to connect internally threaded fittings or valve members. In order to reduce the volume, the intermediate convex portion of the inner joint having a nominal diameter of more than 65 mm is generally made into an octagonal shape.

Hardware plumbing casting applications are still very extensive.


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