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valve fitting precision casting
valve fitting precision casting

        Pipe fittings has four steps to help us achieve perfect production . So, what exactly are these four steps? What can we use to make a production plan? This starts with the steps we have chosen.

The four main production steps of valve fittings include waxing, dipping , casting, machining. Whether these four aspects are applied accurately when we make them, we also need to see how we operate in these steps.

      We can use the latest central wax supply system, constant temperature, standard placement to ensure the accuracy of the wax blank, and we can accurately screen out the unqualified wax blank.
      Dip slurry mainly refers to standard operating procedures and strict requirements to ensure the quality of the shell mold to the utmost extent. There is also casting, and the product quality inspection is carried out in strict accordance with the pre-furnace test and analysis work standards. Machining is the final step in our operation. We can use imported CNC lathes to ensure quality.

Valve fittings are cast in quality and service.


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